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Cómo Detener Un Conflicto Civil (I)

  • 13th April 2018

Este artículo trata sobre cómo detener un conflicto civil antes de que comience. Se trata de Catalunya, que creo que pronto va a caer en un conflicto civil mucho más grave de lo que la mayoría de sus habitantes podrían…

How To Stop A Civil Conflict (I)

  • 12th April 2018

This article is about how to stop a civil conflict before it starts. It is about Catalonia, which I believe is likely soon to slip into a civil conflict of a kind much more serious than most of its residents…

Un Alegato Contra La Violencia

  • 7th April 2018

He trabajado gran parte de mi carrera como profesional del mantenimiento de la paz. Esto implica discusiones con políticos de todas las ideologías, y de cada tipo de grupo de la sociedad civil. Siempre estoy encantado de hablar con todo…

A Plea Against Violence

  • 6th April 2018

I have spent much of my career as a professional peacekeeper. This involves discussions with politicians of every ideology, and every sort of civil society group. I am always pleased to speak to everyone, no matter what their views. But…

What is the United Nations supposed to be doing?

  • 6th March 2018

For anyone who has read Michael Soussan’s notorious memoir Backstabbing for Beginners, about his career as an intern in the United Nations during the “Oil for Food” programme in which the United Nations administered a corrupt regime of providing humanitarian…

Human Rights and the Environment

  • 22nd February 2018

Environmental causes have been topical for a long time. Significant convergence of scientific opinion indicates that human industrial activity and extraction of commodities are damaging the planet. There are dissenting views, but they are surely in the minority. The purpose…

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